Writerly Paths and Roller Coasters

English: Opening to Roller Coaster in Spreepark

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Sara Zarr and Gayle Forman blog about difficult paths to publication, celebration and choosing not to be bitter. And Zoe Marriott blogs about the roller coaster of  writing.

5 Days of 5 Years of Story of a Girl, Sara Zarr

Turning Points, Gayle Forman on Distraction No. 99 (how great a blog name is that?!) of Nova Rem Suma

A Question of Rollercoasters, Zoe Marriott on the Zoe-Trope (no I can’t get the umlaut over the e in Zoe. Just imagine it’s there). Sometimes there’s amazing comfort to read about other people going through the same kinds of experiences.


2 thoughts on “Writerly Paths and Roller Coasters

  1. Hey Nicole! Thanks for these links, I needed to read these right now.

  2. Nicole Lisa says:

    Clearly I did too!

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