Kitchen Sink Links

Malinda Lo and Forever Young Adult had my favorite blog post responses to the LA Review of Books newest “What about the menz?” oh no! opinion piece by Mesle. Kate Milford and Saundra Mitchell had the best comment responses.

I discovered Ana Mardoll‘s deconstructions some time ago, maybe through Foz Meadow on twitter (who also hit it out of the park this week with her comment on Scalzi’s blog on When Gut Boys Attack, a response to another sexist idiot blathering about women/comics/cosplaying). I always find Mardoll’s points, and the comments from her readers, fascinating, especially this one Twlight: Removal of Agency.

I’m still trying to think about things I believe to be true because I read them in books, even though I should know better, after reading I was not told about this on Jenny’s Books. Don’t miss the comments about eating bear meat.

The Literary Omnivore analyzes yet another sneering at genre opinion piece in Genre Fiction and Feelings.

This is from before the election, Ending Rape Illiteracy, by Jessica Valenti, but just because the rape apologists mostly lost office (or didn’t win) doesn’t mean we can forget about all the bullcrap people believe. Some post election stuff: Another Year of the Woman? Not So Fast, NY Magazine and Women and People of Color Will Be a Majority of Democrats in the House, Colorlines, with the observation that you can literally see the party lines now.

Some Thoughts about Gender in YA Dystopias on Crunchingsandmunchings.

Books of Wonder, NYC’s children’s and YA bookstore has an Indiegogo campaign to raise money to meet their rent shortfall after losing their subletter. Because of Books of Wonder I’ve met so many readers, authors and wonderful people I wouldn’t have met otherwise, plus they have the best children’s and YA events in the city. If you give to the campaign, my friend, author Alison Cherry will send you a vampire story. I’m sure it will be quirky, odd and funny.


One thought on “Kitchen Sink Links

  1. Jenny says:

    I loved what Malinda Lo had to say too! It’s baffling to me how many people insist that boys won’t enjoy reading about female protagonists.

    Thanks for the link! 🙂

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