Cooking the Books Roundtable on Strange Horizons, with Elizabeth Bear, Gregory Frost, Nalo Hopkinson, Scott Lynch and Fran Wilde. Descends pretty quickly inot a gross out, but lots of good thinky thoughts and resources for thinking about food.

How to Read Like a Writer on Brain Pickings, with link at the bottom to more books about reading like a writer. Ana @ Things Mean a Lot posted about reading Reflections, a book by Diana Wynne Jones about her writing.

How to Be a Male Ally on Ana Mardoll’s blog. It’s hard to find good articles on this topic. I read this right before Thanksgiving and I thought the first point was helpful for anyone thinking about how to navigate holiday parties/family events. My reaction to the post blindsided me. I read most of it in a kind of objective, this is not talking about me way (even though most if not all the scenarios described have either happened to me or have happened to people I care about), until I got to point 5, How to Talk Among Strangers. I lost that distance and I got really upset for a few while. I don’t know if it’s because she uses a story to make her point, but suddenly I was thinking, OMG, how much would I have loved someone to intervene when something like this has happened to me, on the subway, in meetings, at social events. It might also be that I often don’t let myself think about the level of threat I have felt when it was happening, because it interferes with making it through the situation and then afterwards I don’t want to think about it at all.

#1ReasonWhy twitter conversation about sexual harassment of women in the gaming world.

For contrast She Who Dies with the Most ‘Likes’ Wins? by Jessica Valenti at The Nation and When Men Are Too Emotional to Have a Rational Argument on The Gloss. The second one showed up in my twitter feed so many times I could almost hear women shouting “Hell, yeah!”

Right on the heels of my No Brain Bleach Needed Here post I read the Book Smugglers’ review of Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor. Love Laini Taylor; probably won’t be reading it.

Why Cat Sews by Kate Elliott, on worldbuilding and women characters.

Malinda Lo on Heternormativity in Fantasy and Bitterblue, parts 1 and 2. Read the comments, read the comments!

Birds on Twitter

Kitchen Sink Links


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