Kitchen Sink Links

The Daggerspell Review and Reread Series with Kate Elliott and Adrian Moher on A Dribble of Ink. Daggerspell is by Katharine Kerr. I loved the first four books of this cycle, and especially the first two, so much that even though I haven’t read them in a decade (at least) I still remember huge chunks of the plot and minute details. I haven’t read the last three books in the cycle. Dare I hope they get all the way and I can read them with the series?

Female Warriors in Society on World Weaver Press. What kinds of societies would produce women warriors? Lots of interesting points although IMO an explicit mention of access to contraception is missing.

Politics and the Romance Novel by Emma Barry.

…I’d rather discuss the political dimension to all cultural productions than to act like some are political and others aren’t — a phenomenon that I call “some politics get noticed, others don’t,” in which pro-status quo works are seen as neutral and reactionary or revolutionary texts set off alarm bells.

This doesn’t quite count as reading, but have you seen the Chrome extension dictionary of numbers? It “translates” numbers into other “real world” equivalents. For example:

The hurricane displaced over 100,000 people [≈ population of Aruba] and caused an estimated $3 million [≈ cost of 30-second Super Bowl advertisement] in damages.

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