Kitchen Sink Links

A photo history of male affection on The Art of Manliness. This is my favorite link all week. Possibly all month. The men in these pictures didn’t see their poses as gay; the modern Western viewer (with some exceptions) probably does, but we’re imposing our worldview, so different from theirs. So worth scrolling down for all the pictures.

I Am Fed Up with Missing White Girls from Reading the End

Striking Portraits of Muxes, Mexico’s ‘Third’ Gender, on Feature Shoot
Of course, these portraits leave me wondering about the women who feel like men, and are they included in the third gender, is there a fourth, or is it only men who get to play.

I’ve been looking for good non-fiction and cities are a fascinating topic. Brainpickings has a list: Understanding Urbanity: 7 Must-Read Books About Cities

And ancient cities: 8 Ruined Cities that Remain a Mystery to this Day, from io9

Capturing the Ephemeral and Enduring Spaces that Make Brooklyn Weird from Atlas Obscura (Am I the only one who wishes they would fix their font? The sans serif they use is difficult enough for people with normal vision to use; I imagine that anyone with vision problems or learning disabilities just give up.)


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