Little annoying things while reading

So…there are a lot of BIG terrible things going on in the world right now, but I’m not going to talk about those. No, I’m going to be totally petty and share some of those tiny, insignificant things that have thrown me right out of books, sometimes temporarily (like right now) or permanently.

Everyone gets chicken pox.

Dear author, I think you’re my age and while everyone got chicken pox when we were kids, have you talked to a parent lately? There’s this thing called a chicken pox vaccine now, and at least in the US, most kids don’t get chicken pox anymore. Lucky them.

The apple had a maggot it in.

Uhhh, no. Maggots are fly larva and they eat meat. Decomposing meat. In fact, they’ve been used to clean human wounds both in the past and right now. (There is a picture of a maggot in this article in The Atlantic, but if you google this instead you will get MUCH WORSE.) Ok, so when researching this, I found out that there in fact are apple maggots (so I’m wrong) but they are actually fruit fly larva (so I’m not wrong?). (I googled this too and EWW.) But the only things I’ve found in my apples were probably Codling moth larvae, which are slightly less gross looking. I have now learned something. Sorry, authors, for badmouthing you.

The MC used oars in a canoe.

On a recent visit to Central Park in NYC I saw people rowing row boats backwards (with the flat part going forward) so I guess boat knowledge is not that common? But no. Oars are used in a row boat; paddles are used in canoes.

Mama instead of mamá

This was in an English language book with occasional Spanish words. This was VERY distracting. Mama means breast in Spanish. Mamá means mother. Not the same thing. Probably not the author’s fault, but the publisher should have done better.

/petty rant.

What about you? What throws you out of a book?



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