Links I Like

YA Highway has an insanely comprehensive round up of links on the Wall Street Journal hoopla on YA fiction.

There’s absolutely no reason to say anything more.


One More Reason Poetry Matters

There’s a lovely post on by Marisel Vera entitled The Criticism That Changed My Life. I like this:

Cristina told us how whenever she is at an impasse in her writing, if she turned to a volume of poems, somehow she would be sure to open to a page where a word or phrase would catch her imagination and inspire her writing.

But I love this:

I’ve also found that it can help me learn to empathize with a character.  For example, one of my protagonists in my novel IF I BRING YOU ROSES is a factory worker.  I chose WHAT WORK IS and THE MERCY by Phillip Levine to help me understand how a man feels working at a menial job.

That’s brilliant and I’m so going to steal the idea of poetry as a direct line into a viewpoint I want to write but might not feel I have the authority to. (For more on authority read Malinda Lo’s post What I learned on the Diversity Tour, number 3: “The other issue that came up repeatedly was the question of who has the ability to write books with diverse characters”).