A Partial Set List for Friday Night at Viable Paradise

As reconstructed from my computer, which Leigh and Casey were using to look up lyrics. So there might be some mistakes.

Patrick Nielsen Hayden and Steve with a Hat on guitar and banjo. Theresa Nielsen Hayden, Casey Blair, Leigh Butler and Kevin Riggle on vocals.

I Want to Sing that Rock and Roll, Gillian Welch

I Feel So Good, Richard Thompson

Althea, Grateful Dead

Chain Lightening Steely Dan??? Or something with lightening in it?

All That Way, Oysterband

Oh, Mary, Don’t You Weep by Bruce Springsteen Slave spiritual, author unknown

Down Where The Drunkards Roll, Maura O’connell Richard Thompson

Look at Miss Ohio, Miranda Lambert Gillian Welch

Don’t Drive to Atlanta

Dream Cafe, Greg Brown

Lawyers, Guns and Money, Warren Zevon

The Other Shore, Luther Barnes Austin Lounge Lizards

On the Other Shore, Austin Lounge Lizards

Old Blevins, Austin Lounge Lizards

I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight, Richard and Linda Thompson

The Wild Rover, Steve in a Hat

Over You For Now, Whisperado

When I Was a Boy, Dar Williams possibly: Read About Love, Richard Thompson 

Feel free to add anything else you remember in the comments.